Unicare Stainless Steel

Jual Emergency Eyewash UNICARE Stanlees Steel Original.
emergency shower Terbaru
Bahan Stenless stell

Jual Emergency Eyewash Unicare Stainless Steel Original.
  • emer gency shower
  • Bahan Stenless stell
  • dijamin 100% Original Import
  • Uni care safety shower
  • galvanized iron Made in Taiwan

Emergency Shower and eye wash

  • Brand : UNICARE
  • Type :  LS
  • Colour : Yellow

Spesifikasi :

  • Type : Shower
  • Operate : Pull rod handle and foot pedal

Materail :

  • Basin/Head shower : Stainless Steel
  • body : Galvanise
  • Weight : 22 Kg
  • Recomanded preasure : 30 PSI

Safety Drench ShowerThe main features of the Drench shower is to deliver adeluge of water in case corrosive material contactsportion of the body. In addition it also offers first aidin the event of clothing fires. Because of the hugequantity of water available (> 76 LPM) it bears noresemblance to the normal bathrooms showers indesign and performance

Receptor BowlHigh visibility Yellow Cycolac Receptor Bowl resistantto damage from alkalies, Salt solutions, Oils, most acids.

Supply1½” BSP, Recommended

Atomizer HeadsTwin cushion-flow Cycolac Atomizer Heads in highvisibility Yellow/Black with flip-flop dust covers thatprotect heads the automatically release with waterpressure.

ActivationEye/Face Wash & Shower – Operatesby Push Plate & Shower by Pull rod.